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Today's NRB’s Bank Rate
133.26 NPR
Updated 2024 April 21, 11:00 AM NPT

Enjoy Bank Rate for your first 3 transfers. ZERO fees on Standard Delivery

*Special rate applicable up to $1000 per transfer

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FEDAN-Foreign Exchange and Money Dealers Association of Nepal, regulated by the Central Bank of Nepal (NRB), provides daily "Buying Rates" for banks and remittance companies. This Rate is normally not available to customers sending remittances.

Money transfer companies charge a 1% to 5% service fee. The Rate of Exchange (ROE) is calculated by subtracting this fee from the Bank rate, representing the final converted amount.

Bank Rates are updated at 10 AM and 2 PM every business day. We publish the higher of the two rates to ensure our customers receive the best value.

Maximum amount for Same Day Delivery is $3000

Today's Bank Rate

Xuno's Exchange Rate

Delivery Fee

Total Debit

Arrive in

NPR 133.26

NPR 132.45

USD 3.99

USD 1,003.99

within 24 hours

NPR 132,448.77

Unleash the most competitive exchange rate online! Send $ 1,000.00 , and your recipient will receive NPR 133.49 in their account. Make every transaction count!

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